Are you ready to GO BIG with your next School Assembly or Red Ribbon Week?

If so, then consider hosting our high-flying XGames-Style BMX Stunt Team. A fan favorite for over 20 years! But it is not just about the entertainment, imagine your students drawing the connection between massive success, making good choices, respecting others, graduating from High School and never quitting. The respect our PRO BMX athletes earn by performing LIVE gives a unique opportunity to powerfully impact your students. They are not just hearing words, they are witnessing the results of hard work, dedication, 100% commitment and reaching lofty goals. Our athlete/role-models will provide smiles, laughs, exhilarating entertainment and meaningful education for any Assembly or Red Ribbon Week. It truly is a unique opportunity to leave your students with a renewed commitment to always having a clean mind, clean body and clean lungs as the foundation to success.

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This Show Includes

  • World-Class Pro BMX Stunts
  • Choreographed Routines
  • Humorous Dialogue and Audience Participation
  • 40-Minutes of High-Energy Action
  • And Powerful Education

School Assemblies can deliver messages that last a lifetime!

  • Stay Drug Free (Clean Mind, Body, Lungs)
  • Live Your Dreams (Know What You Want, Believe)
  • Character Education
  • Be Motivated (Success Doesn't Come To The Lazy)
  • Anti-Bullying and Respect Others
  • Be Resilient and Stay in School (Graduate and Never Quit)

For those that wish to emphasize the Red Ribbon Week messages, we offer a customized show!

We believe the students should hear all the Secrets To Success, but we will put more time, energy and focus on the Red Ribbon messages at your request. So if you are looking for an unforgettable way to relay these important message, book your Superhero Stunt Show and treat your students to an assembly they will never forget!

More About the Superhero Team

Founded in 1993, The Superhero team has gone on to perform thousands of shows nationwide

Our 20+ year run has taken teams to Texas, Florida, New York, California and everywhere in-between. The show has also evolved over the years, adding bigger and more portable ramps, new pro sound equipment and now new themes and messages. But one thing has never changed, our commitment to delivering a professional presentation with athletes that live the message. While it is important to feature elite and amazing professional athleticism, we believe it is more important to provide true role-model/athletes, no hardcore attitudes and athletes who actually live and represent the message we teach in our shows. If you want to feel comfortable knowing your assembly is in good hands you have found the right place. Our company focus and mission is to truly make a positive impact, and we will bring our 100% effort towards that objective in each and every performance. I encourage you to consider using our show team for your next Red Ribbon Week Celebration or for an exciting Fall or Spring Assembly. Anytime you could use some high-energy excitement along with a powerful anti-drug, anti-bullying and motivational education, we would be honored to be chosen for that mission. Please consider adding your school to one of our upcoming tours, I have no doubt you and your students will be happy you chose this exciting event for your next assembly.